Not Everything, Just Something

I cannot be everything to everybody.
But I can be something to some people.

I do not have all the answers.
I cannot fix all the problems.

I can give a smile to the cashier when the register shuts down.
When the air is tense with frustration and there is grumbling all around, I can be patient.

I can hold a child tenderly when their defiance is based on fear and confusion.
I can listen with compassion to the vulnerable woman who has just gone through another surgery.

I can let the student know I believe in him when he faces a new teacher that demands too much.
I can give sincere encouragement and do deliberate acts of kindness to the person who is embattled in the fight of life against all odds.

I can skip the drive through to buy a greeting card or a care package to send half way around the world.
I can send a text and say, “I love you.”



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