The Light From Within

With the setting of the sun, the windows of home reflect the light from within.  One by one, the lamps come alive as the glow of the evening sun is replaced by the glow of the night moon.  One by one, the drapes are drawn as the night-time solitude settles in.  With the settling of the night, the doors of the home are secured and fastened tight.

At the end of the day, the home beckons from the outside world.  One by one, the braces and supports are cast aside.  Comfort and release rushes in as the heat of restraints are removed.  A cool shower and a warm meal refresh the body.  The knotted muscles release their grip across the shoulders, the jaw line and the forehead.  The toes wiggle in freedom.  Breathing slows and deepens.

Within the safety of my personal space, my mind gears down and my heart opens.  One by one, the fight-or-flight defenses are abandoned.  The burning issues meet the One Consuming Fire.  Pressing details pale by comparison.  Against the anvil of Truth, the iron shackles of death glows molten white and malleable under the hammer of Love.  Each strike takes back the freedom forfeited in captivity.

In the predawn hours, the symphony of crickets and tree frogs herald in a new day.  The birds flit and flutter about, pecking about for food, dancing in pools of water.  In quiet stillness new strength is gathered.  One by one, the weight of condemnation, insecurity, worthlessness, and helplessness falls away.  The unloved stands as the beloved.  The victim becomes the victor.

On the morning of a new day, the windows of the soul reflect the Light within.  The drapes are pulled back.  The doors are opened.  The hues of the night sky are giving way to the pastels of mornings’ greeting like grace washing across the landscape of life.  Bundled in a blanket of peace and snuggly nestled in the patio lounger, my eyes blink heavily with the rising of the sun.


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