Labels prepare you for what is inside.
Labels help guide expectations.
Labels suggest the best method of use and care.

A container with a label will show the product it contains such as medicine or dog food or wood varnish.
A church with a label will signify the beliefs and worship style such as Baptist or Muslim or Mormon.
A sweater with a label lists the materials of construction and how to wash/launder/dry clean the garment.
An employee with a label determines job responsibilities of such as administrative assistant or technician or chief operating officer.

Labels define–disabled/normal, fat/thin, healthy and fit/sickly and pitiful, poor/rich
Labels are used in identification–baby, toddler, child, pre-teen, teen, young adult, middle-aged, mature, elderly, male, female, single, separated, divorced, widowed, married.

Labels give a sense of safety and security.
Labels maintain order and assign purpose.
Labels are essential when attached to a product or a service.

Labels often protect us in our comfort zones offering a false sense of security when people are pitted into “us against them” on the see-saw of pride.
Labels often can excuse us from involvement or responsibility when the ugly realities of pain and want requires a personal sacrifice.
Labels often are tools of power when attached to people.

With clear purpose, He lived not within the labels and often defied them.
With clear vision, He looked beyond the labels and saw the person.
With clear mission, He broke through the labels and simply loved.


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