The Cry for Mercy

Have mercy on us!

cried the ones who were despised
called out the two blind men
beseeched the ten lepers
begged the mother for her tortured daughter
cried the father for his seizured son

Have mercy on me!

did Bartimaeus shout, he who knew blind desperation
did the psalmist cry, he who was pursued by enemies
did the lover lament, he who took what was not his
did the prophet beseech, he who was leading a nation

When all is as it should be,
when everything is as we have planned
and false security fills our hearts,
the cry for mercy is far from our lips.

When life begins to hurt,
when payment is due on mistakes made,
across our lips and within our hearts
the cry for mercy is ever present.

The cry for mercy
is immediate in difficulty.
The cry for mercy
comes naturally for the humble.
The cry for mercy
never goes unnoticed.


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