The Shattering of Ice

Guided only by the lamp light shining from the living room, I stepped into the kitchen to refill my cup with water.  Reaching into the freezer, I grabbed a handful of ice cubes and tossed them into the stainless steel coffee cup.  With the cup under the barely visible faucet, I filled the cup to the rim with tepid tap water.  Listening to the reverberating sounds of water hitting on steel, I sensed when to shut off the tap.  Listening to the cracking of ice, I sensed that the tap water was warmer than I would have liked.  As I walked back to the sofa and into the dim circle of light of the table lamp, that random but common act suddenly gave me pause with a definite and purposeful word picture.  It was an interesting realization with an intriguing application.

When water is settling into the process of forming into solid ice cubes, there are no tell-tale sounds of transformation.  Yet when the tepid running water hit the frozen cubes, there were the sounds of shattering and cracking of rapid transformation.  The clarity of the ice cubes gave way to a design of webbed fissuring, unique for each cube yet each cube had been submitted to the same tepid running water.

When the heart is settling into the subtle process of becoming hardened, perhaps there are no tell-tale sounds of frozen transformation.  On last notice, the heart was vulnerable, supple with no rigidity.  Under unseeing eyes and unhearing ears, the heart now is a heart of stone.  Could it be true, given our dim vision, that the noises in life we perceive as dreams being shattered and of hopes being torn asunder are, in the reality of Light, the sounds of a heart of stone being transformed into a heart of flesh? Could it be true that the web of cracks and fissures in our hearts are divine by design, unique tatoos caused by the heat of adversity against a stone cold heart?

Could it be true that I have a heart of stone that needs to be shattered into a heart of flesh?  Do you?  It was only a few hours earlier in the day that I did a surface search on the role of modern-day prophets.  The shattering of ice has been an interesting realization with an intriguing application indeed.

“I will give them an undivided heart
and put a new spirit in them;
I will remove from them their heart of stone
and give them a heart of flesh.”


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