Still Full of Life

At 80 years old, she had never been sick a day in her life.  Doctors did not know her, nor did she know them.  Five days a week, she kept her great-grandbaby from early morning til late evening.  She lived alone and her days were filled with cooking her meals, doing her laundry and sweeping her porch.  Her flowers bloomed like those of a gardener, flourishing under her gentle care.  Her daily exercise was walking to the mailbox, shaking her head at the useless circulars and fliers and silently praying for the money to pay the bills.

On that morning on the return from the mailbox, her foot begin to drag and her gait began to turn sideways.  Weakness and fatigue took over, but still she did not seek help.  Even as her children called, she quickly swatted away their concerns stating that she was simply tired and would be fine by the next day.  She rose early, ahead of the heat, to pay her rent and her utilities.  Baffled by her inability to climb steps, she called for help.  But help needed transportation so she drove to her rescuer and onto Emergency.

Days later she learned of her stroke and began rehab.  She now walks slowly to the mailbox, swinging her leg to keep from tripping and her arm now stiff and useless.  Thirty minutes pass as she struggles to exit the bath, exhausted in the effort.  Still determined not to burden others, she holds her head high and resolves to get better.  At 80 years old, she is still full of life.


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