Teach Me

Teach me to not number my days lest in the counting
I may become prideful of what I’ve accomplished and covetous of what I lack.

Instead, teach me to count the number of lives I have touched
and the richness of the legacy I will leave behind.

Teach me to not collect kisses and accolades
from those of whom I have won favor.

Instead teach me to grieve and mourn
over those who live without dignity and respect.

Teach me to not hunger for fame and fortune,
nor pursue an identity based on charisma and performance.

Instead teach me to thirst for righteousness,
and to pursue integrity of character and strength of spirit.

Teach me to not line my coffin with copper pennies and silver dollars.
Teach me to not fill my closets with labels and my garage with power.

Instead teach me to live my life in the abundance of faith, hope and Love.
Instead teach me to be a conduit of grace, mercy and forgiveness. 


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