Both Ways

I wish I could enjoy all the enticing food I crave, the gorgeous food I see, savoring all the flavors, smells and textures for the simple pleasure that food offers.
And not gain a pound or raise my blood pressure/cholesterol and do harm to my body.
I wish I could have it both ways.

I wish I could have a lie in, enjoy breakfast in bed, pass away the morning on the verandah surrounded by mountain vistas with a book and a cuppa tea and croissants, and spend the afternoon under a canopy by the sea under the ministrations of a professional masseuse.

Mountain View Grand Resort and Spa

And the creative budget is bottomless, the laundry or ironing disappears, cleaning the toilet or washing dishes are unnecessary, shopping for groceries and taking the car in for maintenance are done magically, and the doctor and his orders are nonissues. 
I wish I could have it both ways. 

I wish I could have the body of a disciplined athlete, strong and powerful, defined and developed, looking superb in clothes that fit well and looking superb in a birthday suit that hides nothing.
And not have to exercise and be mindful of enticing food, to have unlimited lie ins and to have unlimited time on verandahs with mountain views and under canopies by the sea.
I wish I could have it both ways.

I wish I could have a life full love and commitment, joy and pleasure, intimacy and passion, able to express myself freely and to give without restriction or concern.
And not have to face the responsibility of meeting the needs of another or considering their best interest, available when I really would rather be alone or run away.
I wish I could have it both ways. 

I wish my life was an example to follow, my words flowed with wisdom, my thoughts and intents always pure and my heart forever embracing and my hope never wavering.
And not have to submit to discipline and pursue excellence, nor search for Truth and be mindful of nefarious deceptions, nor wait with expectancy and endure with integrity.
I wish I could have it both ways.


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