Freed by the Truth

Puttering through my day,
doing this and doing that,
the hours pass by
as I set my home to right.

The carpets are vacuumed,
the furniture is dusted,
the porch is swept,
and now guests are welcomed.

The home is put in order,
the home of my heart and only me,
it is open and inviting
but it welcomes only me.

Day after day I wait in hope
that one day my home will embrace
the heart of another and not just me.
This truth I do not hide.

One day on my porch
a young man did stand.
I invited him and
showed him around.

He was impressed with what he saw,
he was enamored with how he felt.
My home trembled with anticipation,
my home might not be lonely anymore.

Time passed, actually just days later,
after the young man has been long gone,
I putter with this and that,
setting my home again to right.

I have tasted the reality and now I see.
He darkened my door once and only once.
This truth cannot be denied.
The game was played and no one won.

They say that truth will set you free.
They say that truth hurts.
I say that Truth as a Person will set you free,
that truth of others will be the rope that hangs you.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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