The Little Things

It isn’t the big things that cause me to stumble and fall–
–the moderate hike along nature’s trails
–the grand staircase winding up to the fourth floor
–the masses in the mall
–the mile walking path around the pond

It is the little things
–the crack in the cement
–the curb by the walkway
that tuft of grass and weeds
–the turned up corner of the rug
–the foot inadvertently in the way
–the toddler running loose
–the pet that bounds in unfettered joy
–being referred to as “she” to the person I am with as if I am asleep or unable to communicate

It isn’t the big things that make me stumble and fall–
–the addictive substances portrayed in every ad, billboard, commercial and movie
–the overt sexuality deemed necessary to complete a movie or a sales pitch
–the overpriced houses, vehicles and gadgets touted as the next thing to die for
–an extended period of time without meditation on the Word and prayer
–rarely hearing “I love you”

It is the little things
–the shunning and slighting by those who see me as too different and too inferior
–the cutting words and looks full of daggers
–the seemingly only two options of style, to dress like a teenager or to dress like a granny
–the inevitable chain of events that following an unexpected surplus of $20 comes an unexpected expense of $25
–the words and caresses as smooth as butter and enticing as chocolate
–having multiple sets of reading glasses, yet never having a pair available when reading the menu when dining out or reading the price tag when shopping
–an extended period of time of hearing less than solid teaching and exhortation from the Word
–rarely hearing “I was wrong; please forgive me”


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