My Pet Rock

Snuggled safely within the home of my heart is my Pet Rock.  I never leave home without my Pet Rock.  Even in my sleep, my Pet Rock anchors my thoughts and my dreams through the night.  My Pet Rock fills the void where once there was fullness in my heart.

When my Pet Rock first came to be part of my life, the rock was much smaller.  Actually it was just a stone that was hurled at me one sad day.  The one who cast that stone ran far away, but the rock stayed with me.  It lodged deep in the wound that was created from its impact as it was thrust at me.  Having the rock to caress and to nurture kept me from being overwhelmed from the pain of attack and rejection, from the shame of being unworthy of love and respect.  The rock never betrayed me; the rock never left me.

The years have rolled on and the rock has grown.  In fact, my Pet Rock is bigger than my heart.  It bears down on my whole physical being and presses into all the nooks and crannies of my life.  The weight of it is sometimes a burden, but the weight of it has become my anchor and my shield.  Some days, the rock is my platform and in a burst of boldness, I stand on it like a soap box and proclaim all the secrets hidden under the rock.  But then the moment passes and I am drained of energy and emotion.  So I huddle in isolation until I gain courage again from my rock.

Even though there have been other pebbles and stones that have come into my life and have stayed a while, there is none as special as my Pet Rock.  True, it would be nice to have a different mission in life that doesn’t require me to schlep around a dead weight, but if I carry my Pet Rock with grace and perseverance, I will be rewarded for my suffering.



8 thoughts on “My Pet Rock

  1. Woundedness only becomes grace filled brokenness when Jesus once again becomes the Rock that we can stand on. He shines through the brokenness when we surrender our wounds to Him. Wounds and breaking are not the same. I know that you know O creative one.


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