Tugging of the Heart

My heart is full this morning as I watch the sun rise.  There’s a crispness in the air and a frostiness on the ground.  The morning light glistens across the landscape; small prisms of reflected glory point back toward the heavens above.

The contents of the cup in my hand emits a trail of steam.  The liquid therein snakes a path of warmth with each swallow.  The contents of my thoughts emits a sense of stillness and repose.  The fluid emotions of my heart meander through my being, bringing a spark to my eyes and a gentle curve to my lips.

The tugging of the heart guides my way today.  With expectant vision, the eyes pierce the present to gaze upon the possible.  Hearing a song of hope, my tongue loses its sharpness.  Statements of encouragement and mercy cushion words that would otherwise divide and pierce.  Their message never strays from Truth and Love.  My feet step forward; my hands reach out.  Forward and outward I focus as a conduit of strength and purpose, never as a barrier of health nor an obstacle to freedom.

The tugging of my heart defines how I perceive what I see, how I receive what I hear, how I phrase what I say, where I allow my feet to carry me and if I reach out with blessing or cursing.  When we are in love, our heart overflows with giddiness and goodness.  When we know Love, our heart is full of gifts from above.

The tugging of your heart will interpret your day.  Your nights will be a blessed reprieve from your labors and your toils, all because of the tugging of your heart.  Listen to it carefully if you can rejoice from a heart that is rich in the gifts from above.  It is not perfection that it craves.  It is not the absence of pain that allows joy to flow from it.  It is the certainty of Love which keeps your heart alive.  It is the intimate stroke of redemption which keeps your heart thriving.


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