The List

The list has begun of who is bringing what and when we are going here and there.  Feasts of stuffed turkey, baked hams, roasted yams and creamed potatoes are what plans are made of.  Grocers are reaping the harvest of increased shopping for the holidays.

The list has begun of what to buy for whom.  Holiday shopping to the tune of merry melodies of sleigh bells ringing and dashing through the snow are causing consumers to see red tinsel and green savings already.

The list of ways to show that I love you seems frighteningly brief and yet never ending.  Is it in the size of the package that I deliver or in the times I am by your bedside waiting for the fever to break and the wheezing to stop?  Is it in the tradition of the table setting and the number of lights on a tree or in the way that I hold you while you cry and in the way I pay the bills and keep you safe from harm and guard you with a good name?

The list of the things for which to be thankful and the list for the holiday gift giving are part and parcel of the season.  The list of how to love you will never be so easily defined.  It flows from a heart that is tender and compassionate.  It is expressed in a life that is committed and passionate.  Hold me not to the black and white of a list.  Put on it not a price tag of dollars and cents.  Just teach me how to love you with honor, grace and integrity.  The gift cannot be exchanged for some other goods or services, but the choice is yours to accept or deny.  And if you long to reciprocate, do so with a heart that is freely open and a life freely shared.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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