The Back Room

In this nondescript apartment built most likely in the 1970’s-1980’s time period, I settled in three years ago and began to make it my “home” with all my stuff.  It is a two-bedroom apartment, with the second bedroom being a good size for a child-sized single bed, a night stand and a toy chest, none of which I neither have nor need.

This second bedroom, the back room, however is my storage room, my junk room, my exercise room and my library.  In other words, it is a catch-all room.  It is a room that you enter with a purpose in mind to grab something in particular or to perform a particular task and then you exit with mission accomplished.

In the summer months of this year, I began collecting the tools and supplies I needed to finish two projects that would essentially “complete” this room.  One is to hang posters/prints I had brought back with me from England.  They are all by Scottish painters.  The other has to do with my collection from childhood of various leg braces that kept me upright and walking.  I hope to create some sort of display with them.  Incidentally, I purchased the tools and supplies with the intention of completing these projects when the weather turned cold and unfriendly for being out and about.  So I suppose it is time to finish an unfinished room, to bring closure to things left undone.

The colder weather has also motivated me in other ways in regards to this back room.  No, don’t be silly!  I haven’t taken advantage of the exercise equipment to stay warm.  That’s too much like hard work.  This afternoon, I entered the back room to sit and enjoy it.  The sun was shining through the window and across the chair that opens to a bed made of huge chunks of foam rubber and twill fabric.  It was quite the thing back in 1990 when I bought it.  It sits in front of my shelves with books, my 8 track/phonograph/stereo and my 13 inch black and white TV.  It’s a cozy little corner in the back room.  I with my reading glasses on the bridge of my nose, a novel in my lap and a laptop at my feet, I got comfy in my back room.

While sitting here through the afternoon and now into the night hours, a few things have come to my attention.  It really is time to complete those projects.  From the looks of things, I haven’t cleaned in here for a very long time.  The room is small but actually very comfortable.  Especially with the door closed, it is much warmer than other areas of the apartment.  With music playing or a program on HULU running, I am less aware of the comings and goings of the neighbors.  And I’ve gotten some great ideas on moving things around a bit to make it even more comfortable and attractive.  I just realized that this room is similar in size to a sitting room in a home in the UK.  With a few painless adjustments, it can easily be changed to be my new sitting room in the US!

The back room has been a catch-all space for the last three years.  I moved in at the beginning of November three years ago.  Today, I had the vision that will make full use of it.  I guess that means I have plans for tomorrow and the next couple of days.

I would not be surprised if there were more back rooms in our homes, in our heart and in our lives that go unappreciated.  These rooms are a catch-all space for collections of junk, for memories of a long ago era and for projects of promise to be completed sometime in the future.  If we were to enter them with purpose to clear out the clutter and to rearrange the stuff left, we may find those places to be a warm, inviting space to enjoy rather than a space collecting dead bugs, dust and a musty smell.



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