Marks of Success

Sitting in the autumn sun, waiting for the answers to solve life’s biggest problems, today I watched a host of strangers pass before me.  The accents revealed a multinational environment.  Sizes and shapes revealed the complete gamut of health and energy.  Labels and branding revealed a major cross-section of finances.

Sitting in the autumn sun, waiting for the answers to solve life’s weighing problems, today I was watched by a host of strangers walking all about me.  Their eyes lighted with interest on the $65 hair style.  Next, their eyes met mine.  In open curiosity, their eyes traveled down to take in the $60 dress.  Their perusal arrested abruptly when the $1200 leg braces and the $150 orthopedic shoes were noticed.

Some adults quickly averted their eyes and their face, looking away in embarrassment.  Some adults quickly met my eyes again and nodded in respect, admiration and encouragement.  Some children looked on with unfeigned curiosity.  Some children sneered in foolishness and ignorance.  The most revealing, and interesting, responses came by way of men who gazed with first attraction but as their eyes traveled further down, their head snapped to attention and their shoulders squared up as they carried on by.

We often define success and self-worth by the results of our work or having a certain image and persona; we think we have finally arrived after reaching certain destinations and goals.  Success is not about achieving a goal, reaching a point nor even honoring commitments we have made for ourselves.

The marks of success have nothing to do with image, our identity, our address or our belongings.  That which we claim today is probably vastly different from that which we had yesterday and the day before.  Possibly and hopefully what we have tomorrow and the day after will be an improvement on what we claim today.

Life is a journey that cannot be lived fully by holding to a particular point, place or time.  A journey dictates movement and action.  What we have collected along the way are merely souvenirs of where we’ve traveled but not the reason nor the purpose for the journey.

Life is a journey of the heart findings its way home.  This journey dictates movement and change.  Those things we have collected along the way that fills our hearts are merely tools of assistance and resources of redemption for the hearts we see in front of us, to either side and the ones we may not notice behind us.

So do not fill the potholes in our lives; rather let the Light shine through them.  Do not hide the scars that disfigure and distorts earthly beauty; rather let them be medals of victory, testimonies of “Well done, good and faithful servant.”  Let the dents and wrinkles gathered throughout time be wells of grace from which others may draw Living Water.  Let the things that adorn us and characterize us make us into mobiles of suncatchers, Light catchers.  The appeal of any suncatcher is its transparent colors that become visually appealing when Light shines through.

Success is simply being a transparent reflection of God’s glory along the road we travel.


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