A False Positive Dream

I watch the golden-haired gift-of-Love and I realize that hope thunders and sizzles like a late summer’s evening storm .  Her innocence and exuberance brings out the best in all who are in her princess-like presence.  Her giggles spread fairy dust and her charm beckons one to follow her into wonderland.  I feel it within myself and I see it on the faces of all who watch and chase after her.  It is as if we are all hypnotized by a Spirit that is bigger than life.  When I leave her, it is as if the heavens descend with wrath to pelt down a familiar hailstorm of accusation and condemnation, leaving a vast wasteland of isolation.

So carefree in life, she has always bounced until in the wee hours of a winter’s morning, she learned the heartache of broken bones and shattered dreams from a simple tumble from a warm bed.  With amazement, she came to understand that even though her shoulder was injured, she could still walk.  It is then that I realized that her carefree innocence awakens hope within us all, that perhaps something that was once lost can now be regained.  It is then that I realized that with the loss of innocence, hope becomes a false positive dream.

Injuries and violations, disappointments and humiliations, evil and unfairness erode the state of innocence as certain as the rushing waters through a broken dam.  As the state of innocence washes away, the tide of hope loses its pull and strength until one day it settles like a pool of stagnant water.

Where hope is found to be absent is where innocence needs to be restored.
Where hope is nowhere to be seen is where Love is most needed.





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