I Love Lucy

With wide eyes and exaggerated mannerisms, Lucy conveys emotions and thoughts often more clearly than the common verbal skills.  I Love Lucy is an American television series that ended in 1957 yet today the re-runs still maintain an American audience of 40 million each year.  Clowning and physical comedy were skills expertly displayed throughout the show.  The plots were simple and without guile.  These re-runs I still find entertaining and I laugh with each punch line as if it is the first time I have heard them.  I am charmed still by the artistry and skills of the characters.

I suppose it is the expectation, anticipation of returning to the town in which I grew up that has drawn my attention to I Love Lucy and other shows from childhood.  Even the house under contract is a reminder of childhood days and ways as it is an older home, over 50 years old.  The character of it makes me think of the houses that my grandmother lived in.

I suppose it is the process of buying a house that makes me contrast and compare buying a house in which to live with building a home for the heart.

When the heart finds a house, earnest money is offered and negotiations for a fair price are begun. In tentative agreement, credit is checked, home and termite inspections are performed, financing is secured all as a part of due diligence.  A closing date is set, papers are signed and ownership is transferred. THEN begins the fun, and the work, of turning that house into a home and personal belongings are moved in.  Commitment and character are the reasons that the mortgage is paid, the roof is maintained, the grass is mowed, the flowers are planted, the windows are washed and the trash is carried away.

Would the heart be safer and life be richer if relationships were pursued in similar ways like unto that of buying a house?  Intent, credibility and due diligence are established, verified and completed before the exchange of keys; ownership and intimate knowledge happens after the dotted line has been signed on the closing date.





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