A picture of grace, a message of beauty, an ode to Love.


Of my many faults, one I must confess:
To have wasted a rather great number of breaths
Of the many I’ve been granted from birth ‘til my death,
But I pray not to squander the rest.
It occurred to my heart on one glorious eve
That I was made to give, and not to receive,
That life was never about whom I’d deceived,
But in whom I trust, in whom I believe.
So I was sent on a quest of magnitude great,
To walk the road not by sight but by faith;
Equipped by the Lord to handle what waits,
To conquer the demons and even the wraiths.
Thus I shall not tremble when dragons draw near,
Nor in the darkness do I dare to fear,
Nor will I cower when my adversaries jeer
For the Lord is with me here.
Hardship and adversity lie in my way
As plain…

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