Anger Ebbs and Flows, Hides and Rides

Like the tide that washes ashore,
so too does anger.

In a rush, with unbridled passion,
anger rages through.

In its path of retreat,
destruction, despair and open wounds.

Like the tide that washes ashore,
anger eats away but never satisfies the hunger.

I end the call with the loan officer.  There’s another hill to climb on the journey to home ownership.  Additional fees must be paid; more reports must be filed.  This newest delay was avoidable had the job been completed rightly the first time.  It’s all about anger.  I end the call with the Clerk of Court.  Court appearance cannot be avoided.  Court fees are four times the amount of the fine of the offense.  Court fees and fines would have been avoided altogether had I not been speeding, speeding to catch up to an unhealthy tie.  It’s all about anger.

My best friend in all the world rings.  Counseling sessions are discussed.  It’s all about anger.  Bible studies are discussed.  Its all about anger.  Radio programs commence anew, yet by teachers of old that have already passed on.  It’s all about anger.

The young adult tells her tale.  The drama of the day revolves around the disappointment and betrayal of loneliness and insecurity. It’s all about anger.  Raging emotions are hurled at her god about the injustices and unfairness of her life.  It’s all about anger.

The woman in the prime of life tiptoes through the clutter of her heart.  Again it is broken.  Again it is hopeless.  Her dreams for the future have just been erased when the reality of her past loses its promise.  It’s all about anger.  He should have had the integrity to walk away from her if he had no plans for her in the future.  In the end, he was being true to himself and lived according to his convictions; in the end, it was she who failed to set and uphold boundaries and continued in a dead-end relationship.  It’s all about anger.

The wizened face and graying hair are highlighted in the sunlight.  She has just finished her morning devotions; now it is time for the daily crossword.  When the clock chimes the half hour, she will move to the spare room to pursue her exercise regimen.  Her actions follow a routine as do her thoughts–her husband will never be the man she deserves and desires; her children knock on her door only when her services are needed; her body is failing her as is her memory.  It’s all about anger.

He rushes home from a long, dirty day at work.  Silence greets him at the door.  His companion in the shower is the body of water spraying from the shower head and pooling at his feet.  The alarm sounding from the microwave is the voice calling him to dinner.  PJs surround him in comfort.  The sofa supports him.  The TV broadcasts entertainment, intimacy, laughter and conversation.  A few texts offer the personal touch.  It’s all about anger for he stuffed up the relationship with his wife; she died long before he was able to realize what was wrong and able to set it right.  It’s all about anger.

It’s all about anger.  Throughout life anger ebbs and flows, hides and rides.  Today it bubbles silently beneath the surface; tomorrow it erupts in a vesuvian declaration.

“Anger can make you feel like a powder keg, vulnerable to even the smallest spark. When you lose control, the flames can be explosive, singeing your relationships, charring your work and burning your health.”  []

Uncover the source of your anger whether injustice, hurt, fear or frustration.  Allow your heart to heal at the source.  Let the anger ebb and flow out, as if the ocean has carried it away.  Do not let it become the monster that hides and rides in your thoughts, your heart, your words and your future.

“We all struggle with angry feelings, brought on by tension, pressure, and the blocked goals and frustrations of day-to-day life. The broken and stressed relationships that result from these feelings can overwhelm us.”


Tame the monster within.  Better yet, set it free and provide a home for it no longer.  Transform the foe of anger into the friend that teaches you.  Learn how to be good and mad.  Learn how to stop stress before it starts.

Anger eats away but never satisfies the hunger.


8 thoughts on “Anger Ebbs and Flows, Hides and Rides

  1. This is more than excellent wisodm in this piece. I once realized I was given over to anger. What brought me out of it was my relationship with Jesus and I kept a prayer journal filled with thanksgiving as well as prayer requests for others and myself. When I started to feel the old anger rise up inside me, I took out my prayer journal and read all that God had done for me. It reminded me of how my great Savior takes very good care of me. After a while of reading in it, I began to forget why I was angry in the first place; bringing me to my knees asking for forgiveness.


    • As always, it’s a blessing to hear from you, my friend.

      Interestingly enough, today at court and on the journey to and from that state, there were blessings and a special presence of Love. I came home feeling full and content with all things good, even in the midst of unpleasant circumstances. Then a simple phone call brought into the picture the anger monster. How so very typical; it is as if anger must be the period in every sentence of life, eh? But this is simply a lie and an easy. common weapon of attack.

      “There is nothing common to man … “


  2. Good word on Anger… overall, what I got from this post is that anger (or any emotion) is all relative to the person’s vision of that emotion. “Reality is perception, and perception is reality,” right? Emotions can get the best of us and overtake us. It’s up to us to take control before it takes control of us… And, I love the free download from Hope For The Heart. It just makes sense. I just saw their site now and anything you pull from them would be amazing it seems.

    Take care!


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