Love Comes with Nails

In the days when the earth was new and fresh,
LOVE was found in the garden.
When the cool evening breezes were blowing,
the man and his wife heard LOVE walking about.

They hid themselves from the presence of LOVE,
cloaked in shame, burdened with guilt.
Insecurities and pride were on display,
as naked bodies clothed with fig leaves.

Yet LOVE did not forsake man and woman,
so again and again LOVE reached out.
LOVE was embraced here and there,
and so Faith and Hope did not die.

In the days when the maiden was untouched,
LOVE was birthed anew.
When the winds of adversity yet still blew,
father, mother and child lived by the voice of LOVE.

LOVE grew in strength and maturity,
always listening to and after the Father’s Will.
When the nails of death horrendously pierced,
yet still LOVE did not resist.

Death taunted and barked,
chanting victory and supremacy.
Yet LOVE rose victoriously,
proving Authority and Infallibility.

And so it goes that LOVE came with nails,
bearing the cross of shame and guilt.
Condemnation and separation were no more,
opening for eternity Heaven’s door.

LOVE has never forsaken man and woman,
again and again always reaching out.
Those nails were left on the cross,
grace and healing flowing through the scars.

Man and woman can now love each other,
love given freely, gracefully and abundantly.
Nails are no longer needed to pierce and to hold,
nails that kill the ones we love.

Yet today, mothers slap their children.
Now fathers abandon their wives and families.
Now siblings attack the other.
Now husbands and wives tear asunder.

Our men and women abhor each other.
Our babies are tossed as trash.
Our faith and hope are built on false gods.
Still deceit and lies hiss and strike.

We hide ourselves from the presence of LOVE,
cloaked in shame, burdened with guilt.
Together we stand in isolation.
Together we divide with pride.

Still LOVE has not forsaken man and woman,
again and again LOVE reaches out.
So drop the nails and the hammer,
and love with courage, not fear.

LOVE already came bearing nails,
LOVE alone reigns with power.
Release your loved ones from your crosses.
Instead fill your heart, soul, strength and mind with LOVE.

Dedicated to Gaynelle, my sister.
She is a love worth finding,
worth more than rubies and jewels.
I love you dearly.


5 thoughts on “Love Comes with Nails

  1. In my humble opinion, this is your best work yet that I have read! I love the interplay of the image of the fall of man and the redemption through Christ’s sacrifice. Very, very nice work! I might want to repost this on my Facebook page: The Great Plains Poet. Would that be Ok? I think my readers would be blessed by this. Let me know.


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