Pain–My Secret Tutor

A secret tutor I have,
with a training course tailored for me.
Every day is a test,
every test a new reality.

Pain is an unrelenting teacher,
adversity is the curriculum.
With every sacrifice is a lesson learned,
With every sacrifice is a new freedom earned.

There is a song of Joy,
woven throughout the tapestry.
Its notes are like knotted threads,
underneath the blanket that’s spread.

Pain and joy fuse together,
like sunshine and rain.
Promoting life and promoting growth,
maturity is sure to follow.

As I read the Book written for me,
there is blanket tucked around me.
My life becomes a testimony,
the story of my Teacher and me.

It is not mine to wait for fairy tale endings,
nor mine to fear pain.
I have a private tutor,
I am sure that Joy will reign.


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