The Other Message

Though many may read this, this story is for one.  There is one in particular, a hurting soul, who needs to read The Other Message.  You see, when surrounded by the weight of life, it is easy for our eyes, our hearts, our minds and our souls to be focused on the negative, the evil, the fears and the condemnable of mankind.  It is easy to become weak and weary, to be drained of strength, hope and faith.  This story is for one who has become weary of the battle and weak from the wounds.  This story is for one who desperately needs a reason to find strength, who is desperate for hope and faith.  Yes, there are wounds in life as well as pain.  But more importantly, there is healing and joy, if only you let your eyes read The Other Message.  Though this story has been told many times, in many ways, and by many people, this story is for one in particular.  Perhaps that one is me.


There once was a baby girl and into this world she arrived early.
The physicians on call gave no hope; the physicians expected death and
should life continue for this baby girl, there would certainly be
deformity, impairment, retardation, weakness and uselessness.
An institution would be the best place for her.

But that baby girl grew up to be an
honor student and attended college
on an academic scholarship.
That baby girl grew up to have a career
as a medical transcriptionist,
working for more than ten years
at a world-renowned research and teaching hospital.
Her deformities and her weaknesses did not leave her.
She read in them The Other Message.

There once was a baby girl and into this world she arrived early.
Though she grew as a toddler, her body was weak and lacked balance.
Retardation was suggested, laziness was diagnosed.
Crawling or being carried on the shoulders of others was her mobility.
Her first steps on her own were taken at the age of three,
supported by leg braces and hand rails.

But that baby girl grew up to be independent and productive.
She purchased, furnished and maintained a car and a home.
She thrived in a city where many dread to go.
With boldness and conviction she chose to sell all and move
to another country and serve with all she had to give.
Her deformities and her weaknesses did not leave her.
She read in them The Other Message.

There once was a baby girl and into this world she arrived early.

Today there lives a woman who knows
that there is meaning and purpose in everything that happens.
There is a life worth living, because there is hope and faith.
There is a life worth living, because life has beauty, mercy and grace.
There is a life worth living, because Love wrote The Other Message.


You see, the physicians, or other authorities, in life may give us crippling news.  Our circumstances may be cluttered with old braces and assistive devices, or other signs of our weaknesses.  The people who are around us, although with well-meaning intentions, may see us as useless and a responsibility.  They may live as though the best place for us is in an institution, or simply safely tucked away in a corner out of harm’s way and out of their way.  If we only see what they see, we may indeed become the cripple they see.  But if you do, the message you read is not the message of Love.

It is only with eyes that see Truth will we read The Other Message.  Until then, we will focus on what is weak, what is wrong.  It is only with a heart that is free to embrace Love will we be free to embrace life and not hide or run, or to return attacks and offenses with acts of prejudice, pride and anger.  It is only with a mind that is renewed will we be able to soar like an eagle, and not be entrapped and enslaved by the sour voices of doubt, fear, anxiety, worthlessness and victimization.  It is only with a soul that lives from forgiveness, by redemption and for purpose who is able to give and to receive the kind of love for which we long, the kind of love for which we were created.

Look up and not around you. 
What you will see will be worlds apart from the one under your feet.
Look up, for there is another message worth reading. 


5 thoughts on “The Other Message

  1. An exquisite post oozing integrity, tenacity and above all the most powerful energy in the universe which is “love”, I hope that many more stumble across this post and that the ramifications of its hidden messages spread far and wide and touch the lives of billions, sincere regards, Barry


  2. This is a very familiar story to those of us who have overcome large obsticles and yet still serve the One who saves and heals. I once had many medical professionals try to tell me how my life ws going to go; but they fell on deaf ears. Why? Because, my eyes are pointed towards my Savior and I am only concerned with what He tells me. When I woke up in the hospital after my horrific accident, I had a peace wash over me and the Lord of my life told me that: I was going to live and I was going to be okay. So, I smiled at the nice doctors but clutched on to the hope that God had spoken to me. And, hear I am! Blessed, loved, filled with peace and obedient to my Savior’s call. This post spoke to me today and gave me even MORE reason to be thankful for how much my Lord has done for me. So, today I thank you for being a blessing to me.


    • His ways our not our ways, but His ways are always good and true. There are many things, and many people, who will shackle our feet, our hearts, our eyes–our hopes and our dreams–to the horizontal plane. There is One who will free us from that horizontal life and pull us upward to a vertical life.

      Thank you for being a blessing. I so enjoy sharing this bit of the world with you.


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