Redeemed, Brand New

Brand new.
The old man died.
The old ways tossed aside.
A new man has arrived.
Walk justly before Me.
Let integrity and honor define you.
My Spirit will be your guide.
Be careful in whom you touch.
Be wise in what you promise.
Be discerning when you listen.
Pride will make you hide.
Guilt will make you run.
Selfishness will entrap you.
For those who’ve used you unjustly, forgive them.
For those who’ve betrayed and left you, release them.
Do not hide behind your pride.
For those you’ve dealt unfairly, restore them.
For those you’ve defrauded and ran from, respect them.
Do not run away in guilt.
Do not gather things for identity.
Do not chase the wind in search for meaning.
Do not be controlled by your desires.
Stand as a man forgiven.
Walk as a man redeemed.
You have been made brand new.

2 thoughts on “Redeemed, Brand New

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