What Love Does

I watch the golden-haired toddler and everything about her is pure charm.  Her messy hair is beautiful.  Her pre-school drawings are masterpieces.  Even her sneezes and congestion are blessed, just another opportunity to pour love into her.  For through the eyes of love, she is more to me than the messes and more than the sneezes.

For some, childhood is protected and childhood faces no impossibilities for every effort has been deemed as anointed.  Our sicknesses are wrapped in blankets of love.  Our shuns and slights of life are buffered against a wall of love, for significant ones are always there, always on the ready to run interference and pad the blows in the journey of life.  There is always success.

When the journey of life begins to carry us through the stages of adolescence and adulthood, responsibility for ourselves begins to weigh on us.  Love as a cocoon begins to shift like sands under our feet when the reality of the world in which we live begins to envelop us.  Our hair may no longer be seen as beautiful.  The work of our hands may not be accepted as masterpieces.  Our sneezes and congestion are reasons to avoid us for in the eyes of the world around us, we are a mess and no more than that.

But we continue on, firmly convinced what love does.  If you love me, you will wrap me in blankets when I am chilled and feverish.  When I feel shunned and slighted, you will be my wall.  You must run interference and pad the blows of my life.  My congestion is not contagious; just love me all the more.  For if you see me through the eyes of love, you will see me as more than a mess and more than the crud.

Sooner or later, reality cannot be denied.  The cocoon of love is only in the hands of our childhood loves, like the placenta from a mother’s body.  Our expectations of what love does has not been adjusted and now we are filled with disappointment.  We kick and we scream; we fight and work for what love does.  If truth be told, we would rather live in our cocoon and not spread our wings and fly.

But it is Truth that determines what Love does and not our narrowed sight.  Sometimes, there must be darkness to appreciate the Light.  Sometimes, there must be leanness to know the abundance and provision of Love.  Sometimes, there must be diversions and barriers to see the Way ahead.

What Love does is to bring new life and new growth.   There is beauty and glory where Love has been for Love takes away the sting of death and the shell of decay.  Love empowers so that we may embrace life, that we may soar like an eagle.  Love establishes a firm foundation on which we stand, on which we can run and not grow weary.  For in the eyes of Love, we are more than the messes and the sneezes.  What Love does is give us the strength and wholeness we expect from others.

This journey of life is not static.  There is always change.  With a sure foundation, when we embrace the Truth of Love, we can mature and grow, blossom and thrive.  This is what Love does.  But if we cling to experience from the cocoon, we will always be a child.  If we expect from others what Love does, we will always be disappointed.


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