For Beauty, Love Pursues

The mechanic’s cars are clunkers.
The plumber’s house has leaks.
The doctor inhales burgers and cigarettes.
The preacher’s family is a shattered mess.

On this earth, there are inconsistencies.
In our lifetime, there are incongruities.
Everywhere you look, there looks to be brokenness.
In everything you hear, there sounds the hiss of fallacy.

Yet we don our ball gowns.
We wait by the door, glass slippers in hand.
At the first sound of a horse neighing,
to the carriage we will dash.

Life may not fit the fairy tale.
It may not be filled with glitz and glam.
In reality that horse may leave a trail of organic waste.
In reality a rickety cart may be our carriage.

False loves may have chased,
tempted, teased, taunted and used.
Scars of impurity, bruises of misuse
cover your beauty and harden your heart.

Your ball gown has been mussed.
Those glass slippers are scuffed.
Neither no longer fit you,
and both may be impossible to wear.

Beauty is Love’s creation,
beauty is Love’s fingerprint.
Where Love’s perfecting work has been completed,
glorious beauty cannot be denied.

If signs and wonders you are dependent upon,
if on miracles and magic wands you are leaning,
your fairy tale will be shattered,
your ball gown will grow outdated.

Love takes not away the trials and disappointments.
Love strengthens and guides as you go through them.
If Love is in you and you are in Love,
Love will bring glorious beauty not to be shunned.

Love has the power to begin and stop time.
Love has wisdom beyond your thoughts and mine.
Love has vision that penetrates the darkest of prisons.
Love has healing that overrides death and shame.

When Love comes calling,
Love will not intrude.
Love stands at the door and knocks.
Love whispers promises of Truth.

Love is knocking.
Love is whispering.
It is your heart that Love is after.
It is for the sake of glory and beauty Love pursues.

Love is not a childhood tale.
Love is not a dream.
Love is a Person.
Love knows you by name.

Love will set you free and make you whole,
for Love is Truth, Love is Mercy and Love is Grace.
Love comes calling not with a magic wand in hand,
but Love is seeking a relationship.  Won’t you let Love in?


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