Time to Come Home

It may take some time to find your heart and come back home.
The heart hungers and burns for more.
The soul wanders and yearns for freedom.

Many miles may be traveled.
Other lands will be explored.
Schlepping about, baggage in tow.

Foreign foods will be tasted.
New languages will be learned.
The heart always seeing, always listening.

Back in the homeland, the heart is restless.
The heart has seen, the heart has heard so much more.
Love’s worldview is far beyond what the eye can behold.

Time passes and the heart grows weary.
The food has gone stale and boring.
Words have dried up, for there’s nothing new to say.

In due time, the heart rises at the dawn of a new day.
The Spirit awakens a new hope, the way of old.
With a fluttering heart, the journey heads toward home.


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