When I Have Passed On

When to Beulah Land I have gone,
when I am no longer a sojourner in this land,
what you do to my body I do not care
for I will no longer be here.

I will be far, far away
in a country of long I have dreamed.
I will be dancing and singing and leaping for joy.
I will be looking at Love face to face.

I personally will be celebrating; I don’t know about you.
Cry if must; wail if you will.
Your grief will not distract me.
Your grief will not impress me.

For those of you who love me
while I’ve piddled here on this earth,
I know you love me for you have shown me.
You will be celebrating with me.

If tradition defines you and grief constrains you,
pose me in your wooden box and dress me in cherry red.
Red is my favorite color; in red I look my best.
If you find it too daring, royal blue will do.

With my nails you shouldn’t be bothered.
My hands would be lovely if raised in praise
but in quiet repose is probably best to place.
On my lips I should like true blue red, if you please.

Serving wine at my memorial service is a must and not a sin.
You see, you will be witnesses of a wedding, a royal celebration,
like the occasion where Jesus Himself transformed the common into the best.
Enjoy my God-given freedom but do not become drunk in your own pride.

There should be  a simple ceremony, only one song or perhaps two or three.
After all, you aren’t trying to raise me from the dead for another round of decay.
Please enjoy “Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave for the young folks.
“I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me is my favorite too.

“I Can’t Even Walk” and “Beulah Land” have special meaning.
Us old folks are partial to the classics; much comfort they bring.
Other ideas you will find under About the Author, lyrically me.
It really is no bother for my song will have already ended.

When I have passed on sing for joy; it is a celebration.
If you are crippled by your grief, I shall leave you a cane or two.
In guilt, do not pose and posture; it really isn’t necessary.
In pride, do not fume or spew; it is an ornament no one wears well.

Biltmore Estate is my most favorite place to retreat.
Weddings of grandeur are held there and honeymoons as well.
I don’t know if a funeral service is allowed there,
but this will be a wedding celebration for a bride and the King.


2 thoughts on “When I Have Passed On

  1. Many of my thoughts, exactly. I would add balloons tied to the casket and dressed in pink or purple. If you didn’t buy me flowers in life don’t buy them for my funeral. If you bury me, I don’t care where if you cook me scatter my ashes on the Pacific Ocean off the Oregon coast. Be certain to include “Be Thou My Vision.”


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