Revenge is Far From Sweet

Revenge is far from sweet,
for once you’ve tasted it,
a slave you’ve become.

Though you’ve been hurt,
though you’ve been betrayed,
revenge will trap you like no other.

Revenge is a seductive power,
a feeling of control it may afford,
a sense of superiority it may give.

Once you’ve pursued your revenge,
justice is not the motive,
your pain will not be soothed, but inflamed.

If a spirit of revenge resides within you,
please know there’s darkness ahead,
and understand that peace will be far from you.

For once you’ve followed that path,
the motive, the thoughts, the acts are evil based,
just as the offense originally done to you.

Revenge is far from sweet,
do not be deceived by its power,
it will not heal but harden all hearts involved.

A wounded soul with uncontrolled power,
explosive and damaging yet more it will be,
unforeseen consequences lends to the price of victory.

If healing of your pain is what you long for,
if restoration for what you’ve lost is desired,
turn instead your mind and heart elsewhere.

Listen to me carefully, for what I propose is not easy,
there is work to be done; release is just ahead,
strength and grace will follow.  But forgive you must!

Love and forgiveness go hand in hand.
If you want to trust again, if you want to love again,
stop protecting your pride, let go of the darkness.

Allow your wound to be bathed in grace,
open up your heart and let the Healer set you free,
give yourself the chance for Love’s pure embrace.



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