Sun-Burned Rings

Tanned by the sun, my hands rest on the arms of the chair.  The sun is bearing down in a warmth that has been missing all winter long.  My feet are propped up.  There’s a chilled bottle of Coke and a packet of salted peanuts on the table beside me.  A light breeze stirs my hair.  Inhale, exhale and repeat, inhale, exhale.  Tranquility is bearing down in a warmth that has been missing many trials long.  I lift my hand to see the mark of the past upon me.  Where once there was a wedding band, there is only a white ring of untanned skin.  Lilly white, pure white flesh staring back at me where once your golden promise rested.

I’ve gotten fat in the aftermath.  Food is a delicious companion.  There’s nothing like going to my favorite spot at the end of a long day and being waited upon by a young, attentive thing.  The salad I intend to eat then and there.  The entrée should be for take home.  Instead the salad disappears, along with the entrée, and the dessert and the glass of memory suspension.

The white ring around my finger is a simple testimony of what has passed.  The rings around my heart, however, tell the truth of the ages that have passed.  I dedicated my life to what we had.  I gave and gave.  I don’t begrudge you that, for I gave from a heart not afraid to give.  Regardless of what I gave, there was always more yet to give.  It was my tribute to the one I loved; it was my act of worship to the God I serve.

Now my heart has been Son-burned.  Lilly white, pure white staring back at me is a heart that has been singed and cleansed, healed and made new.  Cauterised from it is the dross and the scarring, burned away is the pain of reality.  Instead now wrapped around it are the bands of hope and new life, a love divine.

The soda is no longer chilled but there’s only a swallow or two left.  The packet of peanuts has been eaten.  Food passes on; it’s pleasure is only temporary.  Beside them rests a vase with three white roses and seeded eucalyptus.  The white roses I keep always close by to remind me of my God, Love in Trinity.

Gorgeous white roses and pure white tulips are accented with silvery seeded eucalyptus and lemon leaves. This arrangement exudes classic elegance.

White Bliss by BloomNation


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