Fire of Life

Fire in the furnace keeps you warm.
Fire in the oven provides a meal.
Fire in life purifies.

Be not afraid of the heat.
Be not beguiled with the flames.
Be not overwhelmed with fire’s power.

‘Tis true fire burns and destroys when out of control.
‘Tis true fire will scar where it has been.
‘Tis true fire is not to be handled lightly.

The fires of life purify.
When in them it is hard not to writhe.
Please know the fire will not consume you.

The sovereignty of life lies not in our understanding.
The blessings of life come not with our control.
Please realize our emotions are the shallowest part of our nature.

To understand the fires of life is to recognize Sovereign Power.
To understand the promise you’ve been given is to recognize Divine Grace.
To understand the hope for renewed life is to recognize Perfect Love.

Within the fires of life flow rivers of Living Water.
Out of the fires grow flowers planted by the Lilly of the Valley.
The fires of life purify.


2 thoughts on “Fire of Life

  1. I know many, steeped in truth say that feelings are shallow or unimportant but if we deny, hide or shove them away our soul becomes sick and God seems further away than ever before. Embracing our emotions yet not giving them all control leads to understanding of ourselves and those who matter to us. God gave them intending the gift to nurture not negate us. Said she of 68 years experience and love of God’s wisdom. Yes, the fires of life purify as along the way we experience all the feelings that are aroused.


    • Emotions I am acutely aware of. They are as much a part of me as the skin that holds me together. They are a part of the gift created me to be. Emotions are never unimportant; emotions are another tool that will lead you to the heart of God or straight into a hell of a prison.


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