The Misery of Half-Hearted

Bolstered with hope
and a fresh beginning
off into the sunset I ride,
facing glories untold,
waiting for riches to unfold.

On the first day of Adventure
nothing happens
no excitement, no revelations
yet I continue my ride,
expecting and waiting.

On the third month of Adventure
still nothing happens
but I see possibilities
I hear opportunities knocking,
it would be rude not to open the door.

The Adventure behind me
my idea beside me
in control I feel
my reward I have,
in bed now with satisfaction.

On the third year away from Adventure
I’m still in bed with no satisfaction
control I do not feel
my woes I certainly know,
the misery of being half-hearted.

Please cleanse my heart
and make it wholly committed
clinging to Your glory and Your riches
resting on Your Adventure, on Your Love,
the peace and the pleasure of being single hearted.


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