A Shot Across the Bow

When you’ve been given a divine promise, do not be caught unawares.  Soon, and often, there will be a shot across the bow.

A warning shot will be fired from nefarious regions for a war is going on.  At first, it may seem that multiple occurrences will happen of the strangest of natures.  Perhaps you will quickly notice the collection of strangeness and with spiritual eyes come to realize the spiritual battle at hand.  Resting on the knowledge that the principalities of authority are at odds with each other, you know that you know that you are simply caught in the middle.  Knowing this allows you to take a step back and to allow the skirmish to continue as if you are watching the scene on a cinema screen. The battle is not yours.

Time moves on and the divine promise seems yet near, nearer and nearer.  You begin to giggle with glee and shout with jubilee.  Tears of humility and adoration easily and often spill over and cleanse your cheeks with their salty drops of worship.  Deep breaths are taken and suddenly you are aware that subconsciously you had been holding your breath, anticipating waking up and realizing that it was all but a dream.

Inevitably the second shot across the bow will then come.  If you are diligent and watchful, this second round will come as no surprise.  Being on guard and prepared, you will respond as if the battle is against principalities and not personal.  But if you have been waiting to exhale and caught unawares, these new set of events may not strike you as just another heavenly skirmish.  Your emotions, your hormones and your physical fatigue will come to your defense in responding and reacting to each and every event.  And why do you respond on a more personal level this time?  Because the attack is more personal; the attack is targeted on those people and situations that are dearest to your heart.

After all, if a divine promise has been given then your heart is the divine purpose for the glory of divine Love.  The adversary cannot just standby silently and submissively for the adversary is searching for those he is able to devour as a testimony against Love.

If you’ve been given a divine promise, open your eyes and your heart and your ears.  Shots across the bow will come.  The battle is not yours.


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