Hearts’ Broken Pieces

It is not uncommon to view the broken pieces of our hearts–of our lives, of our dreams–and think in Humpty Dumpty character that those pieces will never be put together again.  We cry and cry.  We lament and moan.  We vent and attack as part of the grieving process over the thing that was damaged or lost, a most precious treasure.

It would truly be uncommon to view the broken pieces of our hearts–of our lives, of our dreams–and think that these pieces merely provided a shell in which our real hearts–lives, dreams–were hidden.  The shell of what now lies at our feet as broken pieces may have once provided safety, security or identity but in fact, it held our hearts–lives, dreams–as prisoners.

That shell that once held our hearts hostage has now been shattered, leaving us vulnerable and exposed, free to breathe fresh air, free to run without restraint.  Where we once feared abandonment, we can now celebrate an abandoned and abundant life.  Where we once feared failure, we can now embrace life with confidence and purpose.  Where we once feared rejection, we can now be secure in who we are even with pressure to be someone else.

If we viewed the broken pieces piled upon the ground on which we stand as symbols of freedom, we will have the courage to grieve the loss and step on down the road without looking back and effectively turning into pillars of salt.  If we choose to cling to the broken pieces and to play Humpty Dumpty, life will slowly but surely slip away into death.

Hearts–lives, dreams–will be shattered many times throughout a lifetime.  Do not be misled that our hearts–lives, dreams–died in the breaking.  It was only shedding an outer layer so that the inner depths can then be set free.  Deep inside lies a hidden treasure, the most precious treasure, waiting to be brought to the Light.

Is the breaking painful?  But of course!  Is the breaking fatal?  But of course not!  Not unless you allow yourself to be licked as pillars of salt.

Man-made shells are incapable of protecting something as divine and exquisite as our hearts.  When our real hearts are hidden in the Divine, then our hearts will need never to be held in fear but will have the freedom to show Divine Glory.


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