Love in the Dark Corners

Your life is so full and so fast.  Today you are close to home; tomorrow you will be 200 miles from nowhere.  Your three-storied house is leased out; your three-bedroom home is on the country club.  Your backyard is a golfer’s dream.

You juggle schedules for the kids at school, for the bosses on the job, for the boys on the hill.  Your evenings are spent where everybody knows your name, a solitary soldier astride a leather bar stool.  After the glasses begin to form a line on the counter, your mobile is your instrument of choice to reach out and touch someone.  You text away to someone far away.

You lie beside me now, with your thoughts deep within the dark corners.  So public is your life and your personality carries the limelight well.  Too many depend on you and your loyalty carries the load at great sacrifice.  It is a rare thing for you to have private, uninterrupted time from the world outside.

In rare reprieve, you’ve returned home from life on the road.  You lie beside me now, moments after we’ve just made love.  Your thoughts keep you silent but not in a rude, selfish way.  Those dark corners may be anticipating the future, something from today or a weight from the past.  I know your broad shoulders that I was just clinging to are shielding me from the devils that are constantly barking at you.

I know not to pry; I know not to invade.  I know not to take it personal but to take it to prayer.  I know that you will let me in when you can.  I know the more open, confident and relaxed I am in these rare private moments, the more strength you will have in public, in the limelight.  I know that with the love you embrace in these private moments you will gain strength to face those dark corners.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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