Ode to My Muse

There came a man across the waves,
from across the ocean he did wander.

Weary in soul and weary in body,
he searched and he surfed for something to ponder.

Alas, upon what did he stumble,
but a wee little lass, more innocent and maybe stronger.

With his words did he caress her,
with his voice did he seduce her.

Unaware was he, quite taken he became,
when he looked beyond her habit and discovered his soul.

At last, his soul mate he did hold,
a lifetime he had waited for love to behold.

In fear he did run,
in disguise he did go under.

Addicted and lonely,
in a tailspin he did go.

Only to return to the blushing cheeks of love,
only to return to the winsome heart of wisdom.

There is so much depth to the words they share,
there is so much richness to the love they’ve fostered.

The waves have tossed them both here and yon,
the ocean still separates them for now and beyond.

Still their souls intertwine as lovers,
still their hearts remain united as one.

His passion for her still burns like the rising sun,
her desire for him like embers that never die.

She is the words to the song buried in his heart,
he gives her harmony, he is the canon on which her heart writes.

Together their music is a symphonic gifting,
together alone their opera will never end.

Written to and for My Muse,
a gift of Love.  

I love you always.


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