Life Before and After

Before there is death, there is life.
Lived to the fullest or cut short from its rewards.
Pleasures to be had, trials from which to grow.

Death may come suddenly, catching us unawares.
Death may come progressively, giving us time to prepare.
Death may be a choice, a decision made from darkest woe.

After there is death, there is a new life to live.
Abundant, supernatural life to be lived freely.
Apart, aside and anew from all that we previously knew.

Between the point of death and the birth of new life, there is a season.
Grieving for loss, shedding shackles of rebellion, rising in obedience.
After there is death, living a new life is a must!

There is no shame in death although there may be pain.
There is life after death, although there may be loss.
Supernatural life will follow a natural death if you follow the voice of Redemption.

After death, there must be transformation.
Decay will follow, a breaking down of the outward, the natural.
Life from the inner being will continue if Supernatural Filling has been received.

If death is facing you, even if just in your pride, Transformation is nigh.
If death is facing you, physically and mortally, Redemption is available.
A supernatural battle is in process, but the war has already been won.

If a supernaturally rich life is what you desire, then you must die to the superficial one.
If a supernaturally powerful life is the goal, then you must die to the natural one.
To live the supernatural life, you must trust and obey.

To live after death, to rise from the grave, you must trust and obey.
A conversion must occur into new life from one of certain decay.
Death will not be eternal if you know The Way.



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