Bartering Relationships

Listen and you will hear
the parent and the child
negotiating favor and blessing
in exchange for acceptable behavior.

Listen and you will hear
the teacher and the pupil
posing will and power
against marks of approval.

Listen and you will hear
the employer and employee
promising and demanding
service for benefits.

Listen and you will hear
husbands and wives
hiding but performing
for sex, for things, for security.

Listen and you will hear
the One who is Love and the ones HE loves
bargaining their devotion
for HIS good will on their lives.

Relationships maintained on the bartering system is not loved-based but performance-based.  Love is not a business where supply and demand dictate value.  Love is not an exchange system wherein if you have something I must have, I will give you something you can’t live without.  Love is not a commodity on the stock exchange where the market is driven by greed, frenzy and insecurity and at the end of the day, the floor is littered with the fallout of the race.  Love is not the cookies and milk you’ve earned for being good and obedient, having sweetly cleaned up your room, returned your toys to the proper shelves and placed your dirty clothes in the hamper. 

Love is patient and sweet.
Love does not envy.
Love is not upset neither puffed up. 

Love does not commit what is shameful.
Love does it seek its own agenda to the hurt of others.
Love does not happen by bargaining.
Love does not entertain evil thoughts, revenge or malice. 

Love rejoices not in evil,
but rejoices in The Truth.

Love endures all things, from the presence of Truth.
Love believes all things, from the position of Truth.
Love hopes all things, from the promises of Truth. 
Love bears all things, from the power of Truth.

Love is gift, wrapped with compassion, kindness, humility and gentleness.  Every person, whose heart is full of the One who is Love, is full of humility; for there is no one so humble as the one whose heart is cleansed from selfishness and self-centeredness.  Pride is the very essence of self-centeredness; he who is self-centered has pride, and pride too in proportion to his selfishness.  True humility arises from a sense of the fullness of the Lover the soul.


Love subdues pride and vain-glory, calms the angry passions, instead of raising them.  Love does not act insidiously with any, seeking to ensnare them, nor tease them.  Love is not when a fair face is put on, and fine words are said, without any regard to Truth, or intention of good. 


Love is careful not to pass the bounds of decency, does nothing out of place or time.  Love is constrained with respect and reverence, kindness and courtesy.  Love acts decently in its own station, and minding its own business, without taking upon it to mend, or censure, or despise, the conduct of others.*

To align yourself for bartering and bargaining with Perfect Love will set you up to feel a greater sense of failure, insecurity and condemnation and greater disappointment in Love. The One who is Love is incapable of bartering relationships.   Love, Perfect Love, is not dependent upon any thing or person.  Perfect Love is not incomplete nor is Perfect Love seeking a bilateral exchange.  Perfect Love is seeking to give everything which is good to replace everything which is not.  Perfect Love is pursuing you to give you everything that HE is for everything that you are not.

Bartering relationships are not relationships where Love thrives and flourishes as a gift freely given.  When relationships are part of a system of bartering and bargaining, it is merely a business of self-employment.

*Excerpts taken, and revised, from Matthew Henry’s Whole Bible Commentary



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