Words from a Stranger

I parked the car in the lot, creating a space that was convenient for me.  Slowly and safely, I walked toward the side entrance.  I was in no hurry as the service wasn’t due to begin for another ten minutes.  The weather was dry and mild.  Being cold natured however, I wore a jacket even though others walked by me in short sleeves.  Being in no hurry, I actually took the time to lift my head and make eye contact.

A gray-haired man crossed my path.  He was headed in the opposite direction from me toward the front entrance.  He nodded and smiled but continued his quick step onward.  He looked vaguely familiar, most likely one of the faces from childhood.

As I stepped under the portico, crossing the sidewalk toward the access ramp for the side entrance, another man intersected my path.  He wore a leather jacket as well.  He smiled at me broadly.  The gleam in his eyes was warm and welcoming.  We nodded and smiled at each other in silent affirmation.  As he walked by me, he gently squeezed my shoulder and said, “I love you.”  He carried on toward the sanctuary by way of the front door and I through the side entrance.  Briefly I looked for him moments later and did not find him.

Perhaps I am supposed to know him, a figure from young life long ago.  I seriously doubt it.  Perhaps he is a character who is often overlooked as a simpleton and of not much value.  I honestly cannot say.  Perhaps I will see him again and learn his story.  I haven’t a clue.  Perhaps he was a messenger for that moment in time.  Of that I am certain.

To be greeted and welcomed with eyes of acceptance, a touch of warmth and words of simple and pure love is like crossing paths with an angel.  It is not the first time they have been sent to minister to me.  It is not the first time they have been sent as messengers to speak for Truth–acceptance and pure, simple love.


One thought on “Words from a Stranger

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