A Pocket of Paradox

A lovely man is he.  He works and works to bring joy to others.  He is protective and stands behind those he loves and he loves fiercely.  He is vehement that his sons stand up and take responsibility as he was taught to do.  He is unswerving in his loyalty to his wife and providing for her.  He defends his daughters even after they have left the nest and his place of authority has been ceremonially relinquished to another.  He is a fixer; when he knows there is a problem, he will piddle and reconfigure until the solution is found.  He prefers the used and not the new.  He is frugal with his money although he gives generously.  Doing the right thing is very important to him.  His tithes and offerings are given each week; religious services are attended consistently and everyone knows on which pew he sits.  He speaks grace over every meal.  He reads a devotional booklet and a few verses in the Holy Bible every morning.

A lovely man is he, although he carries a pocket of paradox.  He is easy to love and to be proud of until the paradox falls out of his pocket.  The argument of inconsistency stems deep from childhood, the point of origin not specifically defined.  His anger quickly boils and his disgust is not hidden.  The belligerence glasses over his eyes and he bullies on, unaware of the reality of his surroundings.  Once he reaches that boiling point, he is out of control and no one can pull him back.

Within that pocket of paradox is a distaste and a dislike for what he views is not the right thing.  He has an aversion to tattoos and he will say so loud and clear.  Body piercings are a symbol of stupidity unless you are a female and one piercing is permitted within each earlobe.  Foreigners are not welcome, including those who are not native to his region of the world.  He holds himself in superiority to all other races.  He is distrustful of anyone who has not previously won his good opinion.

His opinion will be expressed mostly in a passive-aggressive way, not necessarily in the person’s face (or maybe he will) but in a deliberately obnoxious way so as to cause either a showdown or a submission to his way.   He is willing, ready and able to be the chauffeur for the Grim Reaper when he encounters a multiracial couple for then his distaste and dislike fades into complete and utter hatred.

He will not explain why he feels the way he does.  He cannot thumb through the pages of his bible to find a holy principle on which to stand.  But he is a man who always stands up for what he believes is right, even though his pockets may be overflowing with an abundance of paradox.

Within this man is a picture of many of us, if not all.  We live adamantly for what we believe and often forget to live passionately because we know Truth and Love.


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