Everything That Money Can Buy

Many celebrations have I attended.  Many events designed and coordinated for respect, festivity and rejoicing have I been apart of.  Honor was bestowed for the award and reward obtained.  Honor was ultimately given for the person celebrated.

Sacrifices were made and everything that money can buy filled the room.  The room was filled with decorations and favors and full of people, relatives and friends.  The elements were battled and the obstacles were conquered to make the celebrations as close to the ideal as possible.

Many diagnoses have been made in the decades past.  With each new diagnosis, new medicines line the shelves and new equipment and devices are searched for and procured.  Schedules center around pursuing health and comfort.

Sacrifices are constantly being made and everything that money can buy that might lead to relief and health, be it a proven fact or as a dubious scam,  is religiously sought.

Sometimes I have often wondered what it would be like to be celebrated and loved as if sacrifices and money were not such rare commodities.  Then as soon as I have those thoughts, I feel ashamed for I know I am rich altogether in the things of significance.


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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