Before There Was an Easter

Before what is commonly accepted as Easter,
before there was brightly colored eggs and chocolate bunnies
before the celebration of the immaculate resurrection,
there had to be a certain death.

Before there was a certain death,
before there was a degrading crucifixion,
before there was a crown of thorns and cat o’ nine tails,
there had to be a contrived trial.

Before there was a contrived trial,
before there was mocking and bullying,
before there was interrogations and condemnation,
there had to be a foretold denial.

Before there was a foretold denial,
before there was a prophesied betrayal,
before there was a sharing of the Paschal Lamb,
there had to be an act of respectful humility.

Before what is commonly accepted as Easter,
before there was a royal resurrection.
before there was a dastardly death,
there had to be the washing of feet.

In completing this lowly act of service,
in foregoing His Will for Another,
in living in humility and forgiveness with purpose,
He portrayed the full extent of His Love.


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