A Judas Life

Thirty pieces of silver
Bling that lures
Words that seduce
Touches that trap
Toys that entrap
Quick fixes that strangle
Liquids that drown
Pills that choke
Houses that imprison
Relationships that destroy
Kisses that expose

A Judas life will always betray.  The promise of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will lure you down a colorful path, but a path that will disappear into a pit of troubles and woe.

A Judas life will always betray but in the beginning, we do not see it.  Sometimes it is the bling that we seek with its glitter and glam.  Sometimes it is the words and caresses of someone who comes to us in our moments of desperate need.  Sometimes it is the houses, the cars, the clothes and the toys that accessorize our life to support our scoliotic backbone and our growing insecurities.  Sometimes it is the drugs, both street-bought and prescription-purchased, the alcohol, the food that we consume but in the end eats us alive.

A Judas life always betrays us for those things for which we reach rarely promises good for a significant length of time.  Those things on which we reach for may cost a dime from our hand or ten minutes of our time but sooner or later the cost multiplies and mushrooms until it seems if our soul has become roped and hung from a tree.

A Judas life changes who we are for no matter how little we may have felt in the beginning we will feel even less in the end.  A Judas life betrays and robs of identity and of character, betraying hearts and robbing legacy leaving us remembered as a villain, a traitor until the end of time.

There once was a Judas life that kissed the Truth and that kiss made a victim of One Who lived an innocent life.  Ironically, the one who was seduced by those thirty pieces of silver became the ultimate victim and the One who was kissed became the Ultimate Victor.  All was not lost and the Greatest Glory of all rose from the grave to redeem all who have been lost to a Judas life.  It would seem as if the hand of Sovereignty was in control instead of the hand filled with coins.

Perhaps that Judas life did not realize where his choices would lead him or perhaps he did not care.  Perhaps that life was allowed to be sifted, as Job once was, but his testimony was not the same.  Lip service to the Truth can do that to you, for merely kissing the Truth can make you extremely open to being deceived.

If you have been deceived to the point of being hung and hopeless, please know that all has not been lost.  Those things which our hands hold are redeemable in the hand of Sovereignty.  There is still greater glory to be lived.

It is easy to fall into a Judas life when we are weak and weary, when we are gullible and naïve.  It is easy to fall into a Judas life when Truth seems far removed from our reality.


2 thoughts on “A Judas Life

    • A Judas life is not a very comfortable place to find ourself, but I would reckon there’s a bit of Judas in all of us. With grace, humility and perseverence, I reckon too that we can keep the Judas life far away from us.


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