Heaven’s Applause

They say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”,
yet it is in the small stuff
that I hear Heaven’s Applause.

One plus one plus one plus one
equals four, months all of them
waiting for closure on my new home.

Sometimes the waiting has been like
a death sentence in the silence or
a deep abiding peace that all will be well.

One plus one plus one plus one
and more, obstacles and delays
overcome and waded through.

Each obstacle has told a different story
of Heaven’s provision and protection,
all testing of faith and character.

One plus one plus one plus one
equals four, dining chairs all of them
bought at bargains, months and years apart.

The chairs are outstanding alone
but together they are uniquely correlated,
as if a custom designed set has entered my home.

Heaven’s Applause indeed was heard
long ago on that first Easter morn,
the Hallelujah chorus ringing throughout the heavens.

But Heaven’s Applause is delivered not always
with thunderous affirmation and displays of miraculous glory,
life changing events surrounded in eternal ramifications.

I hear Heaven’s Applause most often
in the small stuff of every day life,
but not because I am worthy.

I hear Heaven’s Applause
in the small stuff of every day life,
because of Heaven’s Great Love.






8 thoughts on “Heaven’s Applause

    • Ms. Kathleen, I will share this and not be embarrassed. When I pulled this fourth hourglass RED VELVET dining chair with a gold back embellished embroidery into my apartment, I sat in my “reading chair” and just clapped and kept on clapping. I bought the chair at 65% off!

      There is indeed a Scarlett Thread running through my house. 🙂

      Thank you, Ms. Kathleen.


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