He Knew My Name

He knew my name before I was born
for He called me out of the womb
when the physicians foretold it to be a tomb.

He knew my name when I was a child
for He whispered for me to follow Him
when my soul began to tremble at His Presence.

He knew my name when I was a young maiden
for He beckoned me into the wilderness
when my heart quaked with loneliness and longed to be whole.

He knew my name and called, “Take heart, My daughter,
your faith has saved you, your faith has made you whole.”
And the woman was healed from that moment.

He knows my name as time defines me as a mature woman
for He has prepared a place for me to call my home
as my mind has grown weary of the transient and temporary.

He knows my name and urges me to sit at His feet
for He has something so much more valuable in mind for me
than a name highly exalted and often spoken on this terrestrial plane.



One thought on “He Knew My Name

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