Part of the Plan

On this Easter day, many are sitting down at tables of feasts and on the hunt for hidden prizes within colorfully dyed eggs.  On this Easter day, many attended sacred services at houses of worship singularly filled on this auspicious day.  For some, it is a day of celebration either in worship and communion or in fellowship with family and friends, and most often both.  But on this Easter day, I am having fits of giggles and anticipation in a singular way.

As I have continued to write through the afternoon, my thoughts are flying down memory lane and I see so many dots being connected that I’ve never seen before.  It was all part of the plan.

My back room, my second bedroom just became my “reading room” in November of last year when it was finally set up and properly decorated.  The reading room came to life after a clarification, a closure of a different life and a different country.  Soon then in December, I found myself sitting in a public sanctuary and experiencing a peace I had not felt in a long time.  It was all part of the plan.

Today I am sitting in the chair specifically purchased for the reading room, a room which now has been dismantled and replaced with cardboard boxes lining all four walls.  The chair is in the living room where all furniture is stacked in preparation for imminent relocation.  I am giggling, for I am seeing furniture that was purchased in pieces beginning in 2002 through yesterday.  But all pieces look as if they were deliberately appointed to be purchased specifically for the house…all at one time.  I am giggling, for I am very much aware that in 2002 I returned to America from the United Kingdom with just oversized luggage, a few household good in storage and no furniture.  Yet it was in 2012 that I finally felt release from those years and embraced the reading room.  I am giggling, for it was just a month later that a home in an area that I rarely even give thought to became available, with one plus one plus one plus one blessings.  It was all part of the plan.

I am giggling, for yet again Heaven’s Applause is heard again today in the small stuff.  Yesterday, I purchased for $10 a portable cd/cassette/radio player with detachable speakers.  It is used and it is old which fits my budget and needs perfectly.  I am giggling, for I have had in my possession since 2003-2004 the New Testament on cassette made available to me for free.  It too was old and used.  Today, I sit in my reading chair, in midst of all these boxes, listening to the tapes.  Until yesterday, I had no access to a cassette player.  It was all part of the plan.

I am giggling, for the irony of having given as a gift the Old AND New Testament on CD (new) as a Christmas gift this past year and it was returned to me, as the recipient did not feel as if the gift would be properly used.  Today, I sit in my reading chair, listening to my cassette tapes that were given to me freely on my $10 stereo.  I sit here giggling, happy as a lark and altogether enjoying myself.  It was all part of the plan.

One plus one plus one plus one–many–dots have been connected in recent days, particularly since November.  There was release and closure from what bound me in the past and the door to a future home was opened.  Finances and provisions have steadily poured in, albeit with significant patience and completing an untold amount of forms and meeting requirements.  Word came on Friday, Good Friday, that now it is (finally) time to set a date for closing on the house.  This morning I listened to the Hallelujah Chorus at the end of the worship service.  This evening I will be joining a friend for dinner.  She referred to me as her red-headed stepchild last week when she was roping in her co-workers as my moving men.   There are a lot of details of moving that have not been sorted, simply due to the waiting for a “closing date” but I am still having a fit of giggles.  It will soon be all sorted in the best way.  It is all part of the plan.



6 thoughts on “Part of the Plan

  1. I love it when His plans come together on earth as it is in heaven. On this April 1st the snow falls in abundance and Spring is wrestled to the ground. You can see the house closing, closing in and I choose to believe that Spring and her blossoms will arrive. By faith not by sight.


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