The plot repeats itself from show to show
broken humanity in search of happiness
twisted dreams filling hearts

The storyline goes on and on
soap operas of crime and drama
facing angst and fears with false bravado

Change the channel and still you can see
repeated themes and ongoing insanity
victims lying passively in the arms of bullies and lovers

Reality is glorified with all its peaks and hollows
shallow characters and shadow motives
energy expended valued in the extremes

Comedy consists of cuts and slights of others
making fun of weaknesses and vulnerabilities
hating on differences and attacking diversities

Entertainment may entertain for but a moment
beyond then it bleeds into mindless occupation
time spent and invested in limbo and voids of time

When your funny bone has grown raw from exposure
and your tickle box is empty from overuse
seek a deeper Truth beyond superficiality

The message there you will find will lighten your load
and your hunger will not gnaw and grind
satiated and complete on royal food divine


Now it's your turn. What are you thinking?

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