Truth and Commitment

It is finished.  The end is but a signature away and the date for hours of signatures appears to be just seven days away.  Then begins a 30-year commitment to transforming, maintaining, establishing and funding a house as a home.

The signing of papers and the legal transfer of responsibility will make it official.  The current owners will be dismissed of responsibility.  As the new owner, I will be given the keys.  Ownership with its responsibilities will be mine.  Utilities, property taxes, physical upkeep and lawn maintenance will all fall on my shoulders and be outsourced through my pocket.  The truth of responsibility will be transferred to me and my reality will be changed.  Though my commitment will begin on that date officially, truth of my reality began four months ago with my bid on the property.  Well, actually, the plan began long before that.

Weary of the transient and the temporary, I searched and drove an untold amount of miles and invested an untold amount of hours for a home to call my own.  But Heaven’s Applause was not heard until just months before when the many dots began to be connected, when closure opened the door for a new home and things started to shift into place and into gear as part of the plan.

My desire for a home to call my own and my reality of longing to belong motivated my search.  Truth led me to commitment.  Truth led me to a reason, to a good and prosperous reason, to commit to homeownership.

The houses I have viewed over the year and half were not always bad investments and some of them were certainly newer with considerably more “must haves” than the one I am about to be committed to and claim as my home.  The reality of owning any number of those homes could have provided what I have been looking for and fit my desire and my longing.  Readiness of ownership for the past year and a half is now becoming a commitment for the next 30 years.  It wasn’t that the truth of those houses were bad; it is the Truth within this house that makes it good and prosperous for me.  It wasn’t until Truth opened the door and Peace entered in that the readiness of ownership has transitioned into imminent reality.

Making a commitment–of three hours, three months, three years, 30 years–of any kind should always be considered with the presence of Truth and Peace, not the presence of desire and longing.  Desire and longing will be the curriculum from which you learn as you progress through the education of your journey.  Desire and longing will be part of the subject matter but when it becomes the diploma for which you strive and your reason to thrive, you will never graduate from the school of hard knocks.

If you are contemplating a commitment, sit in the seat of time as you learn from your desires and longings.  Get your house in order and allow the dots of closure and things new to be connected.  Look at your opportunities with eyes of wisdom and discernment.  Be still for your heart is at stake. Truth will be revealed and your readiness for commitment will develop into a reason for commitment, a good and prosperous reason.

Your journey is just an education.  Truth and Peace are your reward at graduation.









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