From Me Do Not Hide

Easy to trip, easy to lose my balance
there are things that make me fall
but probably wouldn’t bother you

Curbs no matter the height
steps without handrails
disguised dips and holes in the ground

Floors that have just been mopped
carpets littered with toys and stuff
pets unleashed large and small

Children running toward me
adults pressing against me
winds that blow hard

Ice layering the earth
thick leaves hiding the ground
rushing waters and crashing waves

Handrails delicately decorated
flower pots punctuating the path
cracks in the sidewalk

Folks who belittle, humiliate, devalue and ignore
anger, bitterness and control that goes on and on
silver-tongued devils who deceive and steal

Never have I fallen and not risen again
the wounds will heal this I promise
the scars I bear will testify to that too

Other than that I am freely functional
with value to offer and service to give
so do include me and from me do not hide




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