Home and in the Presence of

The evening air caresses with its balmy breezes.  There is an air of expectancy and of peace.  There is a presence of the unknown and of the certain.  Unloading the car of the groceries and supplies, I regret having to go indoors.  There is so much beauty outside with the clear black sky and the warm breath of fresh air.

I step inside and set aside the shopping bags.  There is sufficient light from the low wattage nightlight that the overhead lamp need not to be switched on.  The milk is placed in the refrigerator, the snacks tucked away and the supplies are stored.  Before completing this exercise of domestic bliss, I flipped on the radio and turned up the volume.  Messages of hope and power filled the stillness as favorite programs were ending.

Without hesitation I settled in my chair.  In the still darkened apartment with the front door opened to reveal the night sky with me hugged by the armrests, I listened intently to and I drank deeply of Truth.  Praise carried me away to a land unlike the one on which I stand.

I came home to an apartment full of all my worldly possessions, to a home that is quiet with peace.  I walked through my door carrying provisions sufficient for me and my needs.  I sat upon furniture chosen just for me.  And I worshipped in communion with heroes of faith, with great and unending beauty of an unfathomable sky.

Sufficient are the troubles of life and large they often loom.  Love’s Presence speaks above the din and through the trials if you listen for the broadcast of Truth.  Love’s Presence reaches out and touches with purity and beauty if you rest in the caress brushing by you.  To a different land you will be carried, to a land flowing with the milk of peace and the honey of restoration if you rest deliberately and unguardedly in the Presence of Love.



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