The Glory House

A gift of Love
and a gift of peace
is the retreat of
The Glory House.

Humble it was
in its beginnings
but rich now it stands
in provisions is
The Glory House.

Come all who are weary
and those who feel deserted
and peace you will find at
The Glory House.

The wilderness has been traveled
and the Red Sea has been parted
for the Promised Land has been entered at
The Glory House.

You will not be alone unless you choose
and there is plenty of solitude or fellowship
with one who has walked a similar road at
The Glory House.

Dine at the banqueting table
and rest under the trees planted by the waters
so that you may taste and see afresh and anew at
The Glory House.

There is no program and
there will be no platform but only 
the presence of Love at
The Glory House.



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